Bigger is not always better. Especially when it comes to trucking companies.

You’ve may have heard other truck drivers say negative things about small truck driving companies. Maybe you or someone you know has ignored job listings at small companies in favor of larger national companies. Sadly, small trucking companies get a bad reputation too often.

There are many reasons that you may get more from working for a local trucking company. From more competitive wages to helping out your local businesses, the pros can often outweigh the cons of smaller companies.

More Competitive Compensation Packages:
In general, small trucking companies have much more competitive compensation packages than national companies. While national companies tend to rely mostly on company drivers, small companies can split their loads between company drivers and owner-operators.

Since small companies allocate part of their work to owner-operators, they have fewer equipment expenses and fewer benefits expenses. This allows them to pay both company drivers and owner-operators and in the end, put more money in drivers’ pockets.

Know Who You’re Working For:
Working for a big company often means working for a nameless, faceless entity. With a local company, you often have a strong working relationship with the company owner and other important professionals. You know the history of the company, what its long-term aims are, and how you are benefiting both yourself and other drivers.

Contributing to the Local Economy:
Even if you work for small truck companies that are nationally connected, you know that the miles and hours you put in directly improve your community and local economy.

More Flexibility with Special Circumstances:
If you need to suddenly change your schedule, take on different hauls and shipments, or take time off to meet family duties, you may be out of luck with a large trucking company. However, with a smaller company, they may know the importance and value of family and emergency situations and allow you more freedom for last minute events.

Whether you are a new or experienced driver and like where you live and you plan on making a long-term career in the area, a smaller local company can be the best way to go. We take pride in being a smaller company that believes in giving more to our drivers in terms of benefits and family time.